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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Nazareth Hospital: a model of cooperation

NAZARETH – the Nazareth Hospital which is known locally as the English Hospital, inaugurated on 19 September a new lab building, halls and machines for catheterization operations, badly needed in the area of Nazareth.

On 30 October, Dr Bishara Bisharat, Director General, held a meeting at the Hospital halls to thank all generous donors, especially the “Welfare Association” which had covered the major part of the expenses.

Among the participants there were some 100 persons coming from Nazareth, Galilea, Palestine and Jordan: religious and civil  authorities, Hospital administration, many important figures of the Welfare Association, among whom Munib Masri, Honorary Chairman of the Association, Tafida Jerbawi, W.A. Executive Director, children of Hatem Zooby, and Mazen Qupti, W.A. Lawyer.

The Welfare Association is a Palestinian NGO, with its H.Q. in Switzerland, for easier contacts, but runs a very active office in Ramallah. It was founded in 1983, namely by Munib Masri, Mundher Al Khaledi, Sayeed Khoury, in answer to the expulsion of Palestinians from Lebanon.

This NGO gathers the solidarity of Palestinians the world all over, and helps the civil structures of the Palestinian people (schools, hospitals, cultural and sports centers, etc.) in Palestine itself, in Israel and among the refugees.  All participants highlighted the spirit of solidarity and cooperation among Palestinians which, at least this time, has worked fine.

More often than not Easterns in general, but Palestinians in particular, were reproached for failing to live in solidarity among themselves, of not exercising internal cooperation, but relying on external assistance. We remember of course all efforts exerted by the Latin Patriarchate, and by the Church in general in the Holy Land, in order to launch groups and cooperation initiatives, more or less successfully. In Nazareth, on 30 October, it was a great joy for everybody to notice that at least this time cooperation and internal solidarity were crowned with success.

Text: LPJ correspondent in Nazareth

Photos : S.A.K.

Source: http://en.lpj.org/2014/11/12/the-nazareth-hospital-a-model-of-cooperation/


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