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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Patriarch Twal inaugurates courtroom of Latin Ecclesiastical Court in Jordan


Nov. 29, 2014, Abouna.org - Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem Fouad Twal inaugurated on Saturday, November 29, the courtroom of the Latin Ecclesiastical Court in Jordan which had earlier been renovated.

Present were Latin Patriarchal vicar for Jordan Archbishop Maroun Lahham, Bishop William Shomali, Latin Patriarchal vicar for Jerusalem, President of the Court Fr. Dr. Jihad Shwaihat and his assistant Fr. Dr. Shawqi Baterian, a number of priests, as well as several ecclesiastical judges and lawyers.

Fr. Shwaihat thanked all those who support the Latin Ecclesiastical Court in Jordan and spoke about the impact of the Romanian judiciary in Jordan years ago, noting that the first case was handled by the ecclesiastical court in Jordan in 1939 and signed by late president of the court at the time Fr. Mansour Jallad.

Ms. Claudia Massis reviewed the most important cases tackled by the court over the past years, while lawyer Jacob Farr talked about the issues faced by the court, namely the amended “Christian Communities Council Draft Law 2014.”

Patriarch Twal stressed the important role played by the Latin Ecclesiastical Court and underlined his support for the court with the aim of attaining further progress and achievements.

Source: http://en.abouna.org/en/holylands/patriarch-twal-inaugurates-courtroom-latin-ecclesiastical-court-jordan

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