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Friday, November 28, 2014

Taybeh Parish : a new courtyard for the “Parables House”

TAYBEH– On November 20th, Taybeh Latin Parish concluded the renovation work of the Latin Patriarchate Engineers on the courtyard in front of the “Parables House”, located in the main square of the Palestinian parish.

MaisondesParaboles1The “Parables House” is a 300 years old traditional Palestinian house, located inside the Latin Convent. It has rooms on two levels. The upper room for the family is divided in two spaces by the “barns”, that can be found in the gospel (Luke 12:16-21).  And the lower level to accommodate the large and smaller animals.  The house and its domestic and agricultural furnishings illustrate the context of many of the parables of Jesus and also offer an insight into how the Nativity cave at Bethlehem may have been configured.

Today the “Parables House” is featured in many international travel guides, as an attraction of this 100% Christian village in Palestine.

Given the importance of this house for the Church, pilgrims and parishioners, the works of renovation of the courtyard began in early October 2014.  The area around the house was in very poor conditions, and not being used at all.

The project was to completely renovate the area, building a square and an amphitheater, where the various groups of pilgrims visiting the house, could seat outside and hear an explanation before entering, as space inside is quite limited.

In the concept was also included a small biblical garden with some traditional plants from the period of Jesus: olive tree, palm tree, grape tree, Pomegranate, among others.  On the infrastructure side: new lighting system, electricity, water and accesses.


The new courtyard can be used for the groups to sit and listen a lecture on the house, for small concerts, plays, chorus, summer camp activities, graduation parties, presentations, as well as for anyone visiting the Latin Parish.

The renovation of the courtyard was possible due to a generous assistance of our donors and friends from Brazil.

“We are very pleased to give this area back to the parish and that everyone is able to enjoy it.”  

Fr. Aziz Halawe -Taybeh Parish Priest

Source: http://en.lpj.org/2014/11/27/taybeh-parish-a-new-courtyard-for-the-parables-house/

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