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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Beirut's Christian-Islamic summit: "The East will continue with its Christians and Muslims"

Senior Christian and Muslim religious figures convened on Thursday, September 25, at Dar el-Fatwa in Beirut by holding the first spiritual summit after electing Sheikh Abdul Latif Derian as mufti of the republic.

The Christian-Islamic summit stressed that the East will continue as has always been with its Christians and Muslims, stressing that their is no holy issue at the expense of humans' dignity and rights as there can never be a holy war in the name of religion.

The Christian-Islamic summit noted that Lebanon is in dire need for a president having wisdom and visionary and capable of guiding Lebanese to a consensus prone to surpass all challenges and dificulties, explaining that "any delay in electing the sole Christian president in the Arab World will disrupt Lebanon's noble national and Arab mission."

The attendees called for casting Lebanon away from foreign conflicts and the policies of regional and international axes.

They also called upon the Arab and international communities to assume their responsibilities in light of the displaced Syrians file as Lebanon could not apprehend a heavy popular load of refugees.

Source: http://en.abouna.org/en/content/beiruts-christian-islamic-summit-east-will-continue-its-christians-and-muslims

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