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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Visit to the Latin Patriarchate projects in Jordan

JORDAN – At the beginning of October 2014, Henrique and Carola Abreu, Knights of the Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem and volunteers on the projects of the LPJ for the Holy Land; accompanied the General Administrator, Fr. Imad Twal, on a visit to several parishes and projects in Jordan.

The itinerary and visits included the parishes, schools and kindergartens of: Madaba, Ader, Kerak, Smakieh, Wassieh, as well as Madaba University, Lady of Peace Center and the Baptism Site at the Jordan River.

“This was our second time in Jordan, and it was a joy to see the progress and evolution in some of the projects, such as: Our Lady of Peace Center, AUM and the Baptism Site. On the other hand, we were sad to still see some very needed parishes facing difficulties and lacking on support. This year some of them were not even able to offer their kids a summer camp, and we know how important this is for the youth, especially during these difficult times in the Holy Land. These parishes are the center of the faith, cultural, social and family life in each of the villages. After this important and educational re-visit of Jordan, we intend to continue to extend not only our prayers for our needed Christians in the smallest places, but also our future devotion and support.”

In addition to the visits, Henrique and Carola, also participated in some meetings with the local communities and parishes, providing their own testimonial of importance to volunteering for the Latin Patriarchate in the Holy Land. Emphasizing how essential it is for the Christians around the world to have more knowledge of the challenges and needs that this minority is facing in nowadays.

Fr. Imad Twal – General Administrator
Jerusalem, October 2014

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