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Friday, July 18, 2014

US Bishops to President Obama and Congress: More Must be Done to End the Violence and Support Peace in the Holy Land!

Background: The recent cycle of violence in the Holy Land is devastating following the hope engendered when Pope Francis brought Israeli and Palestinian leaders together at the Vatican for prayer in June. The events over the past several weeks demonstrate that the current political status quo is not sustainable. The bloodshed and threats of violence committed by Israelis against Palestinians, and by Palestinians against Israelis, cannot continue. Such actions will only breed more hatred and reprisals, and will not bring what both peoples are truly searching for a lasting peace. Good, decent and innocent people, throughout the region, are being killed and maimed by this violence. The Latin Patriarch and Pope Francis have spoken out about the need to end the violence and work for a lasting peace.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and Catholic Relief Services (CRS) have long called for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that will build just and lasting peace for all people of the Holy Land. The USCCB and CRS continue to work to bring about peace in numerous ways, first and foremost through prayer, but also on the ground. For CRS as a humanitarian organization working with the poor and marginalized in the region, the increasing violence and tension in the Holy Land has impacted our ability to provide aid to those most in need. Our staff cannot do their job of helping others if they are forced to remain home, behind closed doors, because it is too dangerous to go outside. Further, the destruction that is being wrought today only makes our work that much harder when our staff are finally able to exit their homes.

Now, more than ever, your voice is needed! Contact President Obama, your Senators, and Representative today and urge them to:
  • - Exert pressure on both the Israelis and Palestinians to end all hostilities, and return to peace talks;
  • - Provide both parties concrete benefits for engaging in talks in good faith, and consequences for actions detrimental to achieving peace; and
  • - The U.S. must refrain from taking actions that embolden those not interested in peace. We as a country must acknowledge that the responsibility of the escalation of violence rests on all parties, and that the Israeli and Palestinian leaders have the opportunity and duty to seek out peace for their people.

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    Cuts Cost Lives in Mali
    Mazen Faraj (left) is a Muslim Palestinian; Rami Elhanan (right) is a Jewish Israeli. Like thousands of people in the Holy Land, both have lost loved ones to ongoing violence. They met in a victim’s support group and became close friends.

    Today, they go on speaker tours to talk about the conflict and to advocate for a lasting and just peace. "The sight of an Israeli and Palestinian … calling each other brother … is a shock for students," says Rami.

    Source: https://secure.crs.org/site/Advocacy?pagename=homepage&id=865

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