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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Official website for Pope Francis' pilgrimage to the Holy Land


Pope Francis will be in the Holy Land May 24-26 this year. The official website regarding his pilgrimage has just been launched by the Media Committee created by the Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries, bishops from various Catholic rites.

The Media Committee is responsible for putting into place the infrastructure necessary to welcome journalists from all over the world covering the Papal Visit in the Holy Land (Israel/Palestine). Additionally the Committee, prior to the visit, is charged with providing material and information to journalists to help them with their work. The general public may also find this service useful.

For this purpose, the Committee launched the official website on February 27; this website will be kept current on a daily basis.

The website is in seven languages: Arabic, English, French, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

The website, targeting journalists who might not be entirely familiar with the Christian world, aims to explain what will go on before and during the pilgrimage and communicate the Pope's intentions and the significance behind his words and actions. Also the website will present the realities of the Church and Christians of the Holy Land.

Here is the web address: http://popefrancisholyland2014.lpj.org/

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